WrapFill 811

WrapFill 811™ is a unique blend of liquid polymers and proprietary curing agents that can displace water from surfaces to make a permanent bond. The formulation is free of solvents to ensure maximum performance. Kevlar™* fibers are integrated for stiffness and viscosity management to assure application even in adverse conditions.

WrapFill 811™ is a filler putty designed for use in ducts where there is loss of thickness. WrapFill 811™ is capable of displacing wet surfaces to establish a permanent bond to the substrate. The standard base color is WHITE which is mixed in equal quantities with the BLACK curative. The result of this mixture is a GRAY color. This system is not regulated by the US Transportation Agency, USDOT, AITA and IMO. * Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Main Features

COMPOSITE REPAIRS: Can be used in combination with compounds such as TitanWrap™

ADHERENCE: It can be adhered to the substrate under or above the water.



Vehicle type Epoxy / proprietary
Pigmetation Color/Inert/fibrous reinforcement
Colors Standard US Navy Haze Gray
Finish Slight texture
Thinner Not normally required
Cleaner MEK or lacquer  Thinner
Mixing ratio 1.0/1.0 v/v
Induction time Not required
Pot Life Approx. 3′ / 77 F
Flash point Over 200 F
Solid by volume 100%
Spreading rate/gal 1604 mil/ft2 /gal,  53.5 ft2  /gal @ 30 mils
Dry time, (dust free) 5 mins. at 77 F
Dry time, (service) 5-10 mins. light duty, full cure in 12 hours
Application method Spatula
Storage conditions Betwee 35F – 95F in their original containers
VOC Essentially zero






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