WrapFill 811™ is a unique blend of liquid polymers and proprietary curing agents that can displace water from surfaces to make a permanent bond. The formulation is free of solvents to ensure maximum performance. Kevlar™* fibers are integrated for stiffness and viscosity management to assure application even in adverse conditions.

WrapFill 811™ is a filler putty designed for use in ducts where there is loss of thickness. WrapFill 811™ is capable of displacing wet surfaces to establish a permanent bond to the substrate. The standard base color is WHITE which is mixed in equal quantities with the BLACK curative. The result of this mixture is a GRAY color. This system is not regulated by the US Transportation Agency, USDOT, AITA and IMO. * Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont.
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FiberKev™ is based on a unique blend of liquid epoxy polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents formulated for resistance to high temperatures and hydrocarbon exposure.

The Kevlar®* reinforcement and a heavy load of extremely hard ceramic pigmentation makes the FiberKev™ resistant to wear from severely abrasive products.

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EpoxyKev™ is one of the products incorporated in the TitanWrap™ extreme  mechanical reinforced family of products, this polymer is combined with FiberKev™ for repair of existing structures and piping systems when high resistance to abrasion is required.

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