Epoxy 314

Epoxy 314™ is based on pure liquid epoxy polymers and polyamine property resins modified with an organic sulfur complex curing agent and its reinforcing seal coating. Epoxy 314™ formulated without volatile solvents and is it is water tolerant as it can be applied to damp or wet surfaces and still works well as a mechanical reinforcement system.

The application can be done using a brush or roller without special ventilation requirements, the odor during application is mild and characteristic of organo-sulfur resins. Epoxy 314™ is supplied as an equal volume mixture of blue colored epoxy base and yellow colored curing agent, mixed together to yield a green color.

Main Features

COMPOSITE REPAIRS: Can be used in combination with compounds such as TitanWrap™

ADHERENCE: It can be adhered to different types of substrates.



Vehicle type Epoxies, other propieraty systems.
Pigmetation Color/Inert/with fibrous reinforcement
Colors Green
Finish Light texture
Thinner Not necessary
Cleaner MEK or dilution lacquer
Ratio 1.0 v/v
Induction time Not required, may be used
immediately after mixing
Pot Life Approx. 5′ / 77 F
Flash point Over 200 F
Solid by volume 100%
Spread rate/gal 53 sf /gal @30 mil
Drying time, (dust free) 10 mins. at 77 F
Drying time, (for service) 12-24 hours for total cure
Application method Brush
Storage conditions 77F. Duration of 24 months



Data Sheet:...HT-TW-E314_B_eng