EpoxyKev™ is based on a unique blend of liquid epoxy polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents formulated for resistance to high temperatures and hydrocarbon exposure.

The Kevlar®* reinforcement and a heavy load of extremely hard ceramic pigmentation resist wear from currents of severely abrasive products.

* Kevlar is a trademark of E. I. DuPont de Nemours Co

Main Features

COMPOSITE REPAIRS: It can be used in combination with compounds such as WrapFill 811™, EpoxyKev™  provides permanent protection in the harshest conditions. It was formulated for the special conditions found on the internal and external surfaces of oilfield production tubulars, oil and gas separators or similar equipment. This equipment is critical to production and is often exposed to a fast-moving stream of crude hydrocarbon typically containing sulfur acids, brine and entrained sand. When this current encounter bends or surface irregularities such as sharp welds, it can cause rapid erosion leading to failure



  System type   Epoxies, Aliphatic Amines
  Pigmetation   Color/Inert/with fibrous reinforcement
  Colors   Standard gray blue – others available
  Finish   Light texture
  Thinner   Not necessary
  Cleaner   MEK or dilution lacquer
  Ratio   1.0/1.0 v/v
  Induction time   Not required, may be used immediately after mixing
  Pot Life   Approx. 40′ / 77 F
  Flash point   Over 200 F
  Solid by volume   100%
  Spread rate/gal   40 sq. ft./gal @ 40 mils rec. U/W application rate
  Drying time, (dust free)   4 hours at 77 F
  Drying time, (service)   14hrs. light, 72 hrs. heavy
  Application method   Trowel, “Pool float”, mitts
  Storage conditions   Normal, freezing OK






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