TitanWrap and its innovative composite repair systems strive to ensure they are used effectively and safely. To do this, TitanWrap provides training services and field support for the installation of our repair systems.

Industry regulations require all installers to be fully trained and certified to install composite repair systems. TitanWrap has training programs on these standards as well as experience in the fabrication and installation of composite materials.

By ensuring that all installers are properly trained and certified, and by implementing a quality assurance program for composite repairs, you can be sure that your repairs will last for decades.


TitanWrap trains technicians from contractors to owner/operator technicians who do their own repairs. TitanWrap has the ability to provide training at your own location or at the offices of our representatives.

If you need training and certification of your technicians or renew your existing certifications, we have our training schedule available according to your needs.


In addition to the high-quality training programs, TitanWrap also offers field support services for your composite repair projects. Our representatives can provide installation labor, we can provide a field technician who can be on site to consult and provide guidance to installation crews, as well as perform quality assurance and documentation. Contact us today to ensure a successful repair with one of our on-site experts.